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Mountain Home Magic: 7 Resolutions for NC Homeowners

Pierrette Rouleau, PhD

About Pierrette:  Pierrette is most fulfilled when she is working on behalf of someone else...

About Pierrette:  Pierrette is most fulfilled when she is working on behalf of someone else...

Dec 22 1 minutes read

A New Year in the North Carolina Mountains: Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle

As the twilight of the current year gives way to the dawn of the next, it's a tradition for many to contemplate resolutions that can spark improvement in their lives. For those nestled in the homes of the North Carolina mountains, be it the vibrant Asheville, the serene Highlands, or the bustling Boone, a new year is an excellent canvas for resolutions that not only add value to your property but uplift your entire living experience. Whether you've just received the keys to your Blue Ridge abode or your roots are deep in Appalachia soil, let these seven resolutions guide you to a richer mountain home life.

1. Green Upgrades for Mountain Living

In the embrace of the North Carolina mountains, where the awe of nature is ever-present, eco-friendly home upgrades are both a nod to sustainability and an investment in the future. Consider the addition of solar panels optimized for the mountain climate, energy-efficient appliances that work smart in varying altitudes, or home automation for efficient energy use. Embracing local artisans who specialize in reclaimed wood furniture can give your mountain sanctuary an authentic and sustainable touch, marrying luxury with the land.

2. Organize for Serenity

A home reflecting the tranquility of the NC mountain backdrop starts with decluttering and organizing. Target the nooks and crannies of your Cashiers cabin or your Hendersonville haven, clearing out what no longer serves you. Local North Carolina markets and online platforms are ripe for passing on pre-loved goods. Once the old is out, incorporate savvy storage solutions - think rustic cubbies or bespoke shelving that echoes the surrounding forestry, ensuring your home becomes a true bastion for calm.

3. Cultivate Your Mountain Oasis

The majestic outdoor spaces that the North Carolina mountain towns offer should be an extension of your home's heart. Whether you're adorning a Sylva sideyard or revamping a vast Morganton meadow, galvanize your outdoor quarters with spirit-soothing additions like all-weather furniture, endemic plants, and fire pits that invite warm gatherings. Infuse your space with personal flair, perhaps a locally crafted wind chime or a Black Mountain ceramic piece, to make your outdoor haven distinctly yours.

4. Keep Up with Home Care

The integrity of your mountain home is preserved through diligent upkeep. Whether it’s a cottage in Waynesville or a lodge in Brevard, a robust maintenance routine is key. Seasonal tasks such as checking insulation before a winter snowfall, inspecting roofs post-storm, and ensuring your HVAC system is mountain-ready can prevent future headaches. Sometimes calling in the local pros from nearby communities is the best route to keep your home humming through every season.

5. Embody Energy Efficiency

Furthering energy efficiency starts with small daily habits. Take inspiration from the resourcefulness that mountain life requires by utilizing less and saving more - LED lighting, programmable thermostats, and water-conserving fixtures are just a start. Learning best practices for energy conservation can make your mountain retreat a model of efficiency, echoing the time-honored Appalachian tradition of stewardship.

6. Rally Around Local Enterprises

As a homeowner in the North Carolina mountain region, patronizing local businesses is a cornerstone of community prosperity. Whether it's materials for your Murphy residence renovation or a handmade decor piece from Franklin, supporting local craftsmen and small businesses strengthens the community’s tapestry. Each dollar spent locally is an investment in more than just property; it’s an investment in the people who make the mountains a place to call home.

7. Weave Community Connections

Forming tight-knit community bonds is as fulfilling as it is foundational in the mountain towns. Engage with your neighbors, whether from Spruce Pine or Banner Elk, take part in local festivities and volunteer for initiatives that plant the seeds of growth and togetherness. Strong community ties not only enrich life but make for a North Carolina mountain experience that is inclusive, secure, and cherished.

Welcoming a new year in the North Carolina mountains is an invitation to elevate your abode and your lifestyle. Undertake these seven resolutions to weave sustainability, organization, and community into the very fabric of your mountain living. Cheers to a forthcoming year where your home is not just a place in the woods, but a cornerstone of memories, a beacon of environmental care, and a bastion of community spirit!

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