Rising equity, slowing market?

Join us for a deep dive into the statistics of our current local Asheville Housing Market and what it could mean for you. 

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As researchers who value data and methodology, we relish the opportunity to take a uniquely transparent look at our current economic trends in the context of our hyper-local housing market. 

Our goal is to empower you with information and analysis so that you feel confident in making your next real estate move. 

Let's dive in.

The idea that the real estate market is slowing is one that has certainly gained traction over the summer and fall months as mortgage rates have doubled! 

In our FIVE-part video series, we analyze this idea that the real estate market is slowing against five statistical benchmarks: 

1. # of buyers closed.

2. # of homes sold.

3. % of change in average price per house.

4. # of under contracts vs. # of new listings.

5. # of homes for sale vs. # of buyers in the market: Or, SUPPLY vs. DEMAND, Jerome Powell's inflation-cutting measures, and those 38,000,000 million anticipated buyers.

Episode 1: Are there fewer buyers in our current market?

Dive in to the stats with us! We take a look at number of closings month over month. For all of our information we look at single family homes within the Asheville City limits.

Episode 2: Are less homes selling?

In this video we assess the number of closings, aggregate, of single family homes year over year from 2017-2022 in the Asheville City limits.

Episode 3: Are home prices going up or down?

In this installment we are looking at the average price per house - single family homes - in the Asheville city limits. Super useful information!

Episode 4: Are under contracts and new listings rising or falling?

Our we in a traditional housing recession? What does that mean for buyers and sellers? Find out how our local market measures up to national statistics.

Episode 5: Are interest rates affecting supply and demand?

How do rising interest rates curb inflation and what does it all mean for our overall economy and you as the buyer or seller consumer? Pierrette provides her review, summary and outlook. Stay tuned to the end and please put us to work! 

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