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If you've ever dreamed of being only minutes away from Asheville while still getting to experience the rural farm lifestyle, there's no better place for you than Fairview, North Carolina. Fairview is the "quieter side" of Asheville. Located southeast of the city in the Buncombe County School District, Fairview is known for its rolling mountain views and amazing farm-to-table grub.

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Getting Cheesy...

Since it's located along the WNC Cheese Trail, you can imagine that Fairview is the destination for cheese lovers. The WNC Cheese Trail winds through the Appalachian mountains. The hottest spot for all your cheese needs in Fairview is without a doubt Looking Glass Creamery. They churn out 1,200 pounds of cheese a week! You can visit the creamery to purchase your cheese of choice, and even have a tasting to pair it with your favorite local wines and farm fare.

Also in Fairview is the 28-acre Round Mountain Creamery, which is also North Carolina's only "Grade A" goat dairy and farmstead creamery. They offer their visitors 12 different varieties of farmstead and soft seasonal cheeses, and visits are only $5 per person.

Last but not least, Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery produces European-style cheeses. The owner, Victor, built a cheese cave on the creamery specifically for the task of perfectly aging his cheese. You can visit Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery to hand-sample some delicacies.

Farm Life

While there are opportunities to own your own acreage and build your own farm in Fairview, there's one that's been thriving in Fairview for almost 100 years. Hickory Nut Gap Farm is both a destination, and a source for local Asheville restaurants and grocery stores. Their sustainable meats and dairy can be found in several places, including local Farmers Markets.

And while their farm fare is delicious, the experience of stepping foot on their vast farmstead is just as appealing. You and your visit can pay a visit to the farm to meet some sweet animals, take in the views, and even visit their store and mini diner. A trip to Hickory Nut Gap Farm will always be worth the visit!

Scenic Views

Located off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Fairview offers some totally amazing mountain views. And while there's plenty of places to pull off on the Parkway to take in such views, a day hike could be in order for you and your family. The hiking destination of choice in Fairview is Bearwallow Mountain, a picture-perfect picnic hike. A winding gravel trail leads to the top of the mountain, where you'll find yourself in an open meadow overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Bearwallow Mountain is the perfect trail for both experienced and beginner hikers. It has two options to reach the top: a gravel trail, which is an easy and less steep climb, or the mountain trail, which climbs up the side of the mountain. If you're looking for a good combination of both, the two come together to form a 1.7-mile loop. Whatever your level, Bearwallow Mountain is the perfect day to spend a warm day with family, friends, and a sandwich you picked up from Hickory Nut Gap Farm on the way.

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