Hey there, RREG blog readers and lurkers!  Stephanie here. I’m no stranger to the RREG blog (I’ve written every single post here since May), but this is my first time ever writing a post here in first person!  

I started working at RREG in May. It seems just like yesterday I went in for an interview!  I wore a black turtleneck, black dress pants, and red lipstick to Odd’s Cafe in West Asheville , and felt incredibly self conscious when I walked in. I was really overdressed for a coffee shop. And I didn’t know anything about real estate As I talked with Pier over coffee, I remember being immediately struck by how personable she was. She talked a lot about her vision for the company, how she wants to be a value-driven firm, and that kind of thing. I’m a relatively cynical person, so when she said something about being a “generous business owner,” I was like, “Yeah, that doesn’t exist. Too good to be true.” I took the job anyways. 

The last six months have truly been a wild ride. I completely overhauled the social media presence for the company and made it into something that I’m really proud of. We renovated an office on Haywood Road and moved in. I stepped into the role of Marketing Manager, a big step up from the Social Media Coordinator I was hired to be. I learned a lot about real estate. We had staff subtractions and additions. We became sponsors oxqf the art museum! I learned how to use InDesign to make real estate signs after taking one college class about it. I kind of know what “due diligence” means… but only kind of. 

My job has been really great. It’s allowed me to spread my wings professionally, so much so that now life is taking me in a different and unexpected direction. I’ve learned about real estate, added a line on my resume, and finally felt stable in my career. 

But that’s not really the important part. Folks, I’m here to tell you that the ladies of RREG are some of the coolest, smartest, and funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in my life. Whether or not you choose them to help you list your house is another story, but the team here is incredible. I’ve worked in a lot of pretty good places, and a handful of actually terrible places, and RREG has been the best. I’ve learned so much about life and laughed so much, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that working here has restored a little bit of my faith in people. 

A few days ago, I helped hire someone new to take over my position (stay tuned for an introduction to her next week!) and it was pretty surreal to sit there at Odd’s Cafe on the other end of the metaphorical interviewing table asking some of the same questions that Pier asked me when I first interviewed. It was strange, but it was a nice way to bring the whole thing full circle. And it feels good knowing that I’m not going to be a total stranger, either. (I’ll still be running social media for awhile, because Pier and I can’t quit each other.) Maybe writing a goodbye note on our blog is dramatic, but hey, good workplaces don’t come around too often, so I figured it was only fair. See y’all on the flip side! 

xoxo, Stephanie