Lordy. Yes, yes. I am still here.

Since October of 2018, I have been building my real estate firm so that I can offer you the best possible service. Whether you are ready to buy or to sell a home (or land), my team and I are creating a regional boutique, real estate company, founded on ethics, hard work, and customer service.

It’s been a remarkable process, a huge project and undertaking that keeps us all–my Director of Marketing, my managing Broker, my Executive Administrator, and my Inside Sales Associate–creating, developing, working many hours a day. 

I am over the moon that I get to helm my own company and share my culture and way of being in the world with you and with other real estate agents who want to join a fab, kickass office where our work ethic and our ethics are matched only by our sharp intelligence and full-on, mouth-wide-open laughter. 

Alrighty. Enough with the sales pitch. What about those men?! No wait, those houses.

We exist fully in the internet matrix. Honestly, I just thought about a cool product I wanted to have, and, boom, advertisements for this item started showing up on my Insta feed. Really. It’s kinda crazy.

We do everything on line. We shop on line at Amazon. We buy boots through an Instagram ad. We order our pet’s meds through an app. We browse for love on Tinder. We dream about owning a home on Zillow or Realtor.com.

I don’t have to tell you have easy it is to be lured by the instant world in which we live….

How much we want to believe the Tinder bio of that handsome cowboy–that he is looking for someone special. Lord, hear my prayers. (Side note: I have found my brain returning to incantations of my youth. It’s not how my life tracks now, but the rituals of my youth seem to comfort me in these days of shiny cyber-living.) I love the line – pics within last year – and then you flip through them with your finger, and it is apparent that they are not. Or, no drama. Seriously, are you alive? There will be drama. 

Or, how much we want those shimmering pics of a house for $175K to be real, too. I am here to tell you; they are not. Real estate professional are allowed a little puffery, so the shiny pics are A OK. But when you see the glossy images, look more closely. At the kitchen, take a closer at the cabinets and the countertops. Take a keen look at the carpet or the camouflage of the non-working fireplace. And the ceilings. Or, the fresh paint job on the outside that covers flaking paint. Or, the backyard that backs up to an industrial building. Google Earth that puppy. 

So, it is the case that we want to know what our budget is. See Buyer Blog #3 about doing your homework and contacting a lender to get pre-approved before you start searching in earnest for a house you can afford, not one you can’t have.

But also don’t fall in love with the shiny pics and smooth descriptions you see online. Find a realtor you can trust, who has your back, to get the low down and the skinny on the love of your life. 

We need one another even more now in the world of cyber life. So find a cowgirl real estate broker you can trust to ride off into the sunset with! 

So great to be back with you again!

Have an amazing day.